Quarantine (and Kid) Friendly Snack Board Tutorial


It’s been a while since I have popped on here and actually wrote out a blog post for ya’ll!!! What better time then now though, right? Things are a little…wonky right now, but I hope you all are safe, healthy, & able to spend quality time with yourself and loved ones. Maybe even able to try that thing you’ve been wanting to do.

Since we are limiting our outings, and the little people are at home (if you have little people) I wanted to put together an easy, kid (& budget friendly) board that you can whip up without even having to go to the grocery store.

So here we go. How to make your own quarantine board (& how I made mine!)

  1. Gather your vessel. I love a board with a lip around it, but a cutting board also works
  2. Get to shopping! In your pantry & fridge, that is. Consider different colors, textures and food groups when snagging your snacks.-I really love fruit, so I typically have a variety on hand. Use what you’ve got, as for my board I used the following fruits: green grapes, mandarin oranges, pineapple, strawberries, blackberries, and an apple. I didn’t have a whole apple, pineapple or many blackberries, but it still made for a great snack-CHEEESE PLEASE. Babybel cheese always reminds me of my childhood, and they are the perfect bite sized snack, so I opted for those. You could also string some string cheese, do mini mozzarella balls, or even dice some cheddar jack into cubes. – Carbs are a must in my household, and PB pretzels are always in our pantry. Traditional crackers, or even ritz crackers would work. Once again, it’s all based off of what you have on hand.-I didn’t have any fresh veggies on hand this time around, but I did have some snap pea crisps on hand I was able to throw in there (so salty, so good).  If you prefer more veggies, adding a hummus dip is a great option-Meat. Meat did not make it onto this snack board, but doesn’t mean you can’t use it on yours. Some salami bites, pepperoni, and grilled sausage are all great options.-A little something sweet, always. Sprouts has the yummiest yogurt covered pretzels and they come in different colors/flavors. Your favorite candy, or just some dark chocolate really brings everything together. 
  3. Pay attention to color placementSpreading out the similar colors makes for a more visually pleasing board.
  4. Have fun with itPlay around with your food! If you are making these for little people, consider cutting the snacks into appropriate sized portions for them.

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