What is a Sip and See? I’ve heard this question many times as I started styling events. I will walk you through my best friends Sip & See and help answer all your questions including who should have/host a Sip & See, what kind of food/drinks to serve, how to decorate, and more! Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to subscribe to my email list and/or follow along on social media!


Have you thought about hosting your own Sip & See, or just curious as to what it is? I had the pleasure of co-hosting a Sip & See for my best friend with her Mom. We had an absolute blast putting it together and welcoming baby to the world. Sip & See’s are much more casual than baby showers, and there are plenty of ways to make it a festive, memorable day!

What is a Sip & See?

Think of a Sip & See as a “meet & greet” get together for close friends and family to meet the new babe in town! It typically is open house style, and doesn’t need to last more than a few hours. A Sip & See doesn’t have to replace a baby shower, but it can be a great substitute. These celebrations typically happens between 1 and 6 months after baby is born, really anytime the new parents feel comfortable and ready to have baby meet their close friends & family.

PRO TIP* Have the party at a close friend or relatives so the new parents don’t have to deal with the commotion of having a get together in their home while taking care of a new born.

How to Host a Sip & See


Due to the relaxed nature of the event you can send out virtual or physical invitations. I prefer physical as I believe it just sets the tone for the gathering, and not everyone checks their “Facebook invites”. You can always double up your invite as a birth announcement as well!


Being an open house style event, a full meal isn’t required. I made my crowd favorite, the charcuterie cones along with a big fruit board some salad and of course, a dessert table.

I definitely recommend some bubbly (it will most likely be the first time new mama has been able to get out and be social) so having the option for an adult beverage is a plus. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, some margarita mix with fresh fruit or a mimosa bar will do the trick.


This one is totally up to the new parents. It is a great time to ask for those last few items you may not have but would like/need via a registry. If there isn’t anything needed, you can always skip the registry all together. There’s a good chance diapers, wipes and some new onesies will still be making an appearance.

Let the parent open gifts at their own leisure. It isn’t necessary to have them sit down and open gifts in front of guests when it is a come and go type of event.


Other Things to Make Your Party A Success

Consider having your guests fill out an envelope with their name & address on it along with a “wishes for baby” card. That way you have a pre addressed thank you card, and some sweet memorabilia to cherish.

Party favors/Thank you gifts are not required, but a classy touch. I was able to make these “watch me grow” tags to stick in mini succulents for an adorable favor under $4 a piece.

Having a photo area really adds a fun touch! I set up my copper arch + fringe backdrop, tied a “baby” balloon to the corner and added a cute chair to create a simple backdrop for everyone to snag a quick photo with baby + mama.

Keep it simple. The guests are there to catch up with mama, meet the new babe, and show their love/support. Party games and over the top decor aren’t necessary.. this time around 😉

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