What’s my age again?

The Y2K Party of my dreams!

Dirty Thirty who? You bet we partied like it was 1999!

I don’t know about you but I finally had the Birthday Party of my teenie bopper dreams! Only it was a million times better than I could have imagined!


I had so much fun pulling out all my childhood goodies from toys, Beanie Babies, journals, and Spice Girls EVERYTHING, down to picking out all the perfect pictures that just screamed late 90’s early 2000’s! My inner teenage girl really came out in the planning of this party!

Ink Yo Self!

Your early 2000’s fit isn’t complete until you stop by the Temporary Tattoo Bar

Bringing back the tramp stamp!

An amazing candy bar that I couldn’t have done without Abigail’s Candy Shop, who checked all the boxes when I was on my nostalgia candy hunt!

Are you team push pop or baby bottle pop?

These colorful flower arrangements by Botanique Floral Artistry really brought the vibes! It was ALLLL about the tye-dye roses IYKYK

BlockBuster Movie night!

Be Kind Rewind

Beanie Babies the Ty toy of the 90’s: Collect them all!

You know I did!

Everyone loved walking around and finding items that really brought them back. A big part of the nostalgia was having party decor that people haven’t laid eyes on in 20 years.

Never miss a photo op!

Make Up done by my beautiful and very talented friend Alyse from The Beautorium

Do you know what girls want? What they really really want? (It’s Slim Shady ;))

Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun!

Wanting to have your own y2k bash? I put together an Amazon list HERE with some must haves to bring back all the nostalgia (helloooo blow up furniture!) & don’t forget to stop by on IG and check out some BTS of the fun!

Event Design yours truly

Photography By C’anna Rix

Neon Sign @twolittledoves

Candy @abigailscandyshop

MUA: Alyse Jones

Florals: @botanique

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