I could talk about the beauty behind this baby shower forever!! When Cameron reached out to me about planning and designing Kayla’s baby shower, I was so excited to come up with the shower of their dreams. From the gorgeous environment at Yosemite Ranch to the smaller details, everything was just perfect!


This entryway had all of us on CLOUD NINE!! Every single detail elevated the event in their own unique, perfect way. The color scheme, the welcome sign, and my personal favorite… the hot air balloon, teddy bear baskets!!! When I came to Brianna (The Wallflower Fresno) with the idea I had come up with, she exceeded my visions per usual.

The joy that it brings me being able to see my visions and creations come to life, there aren’t enough words to describe. It’s why I do what I do! Seeing everyone reactions to the designs and details is so heart warming and is one of many things that makes my job worth it.

Desert Table

When your client tells you she wants a captivating desert table, you give her exactly that! Marshmallows, macaroons, cupcakes, and those darling cake pops were just incredible, and tasted even better!! There are so many different ways to create a special desert table that correlates with your theme. With this baby shower being “On cloud nine” I immediately thought of polly fill to disperse throughout the acrylic risers, and I would say it was just the right touch! From the apothecary jars, the cloud toppers on the cupcakes & cake pops, to the pops of blue. And my personal favorite the hot air balloons hanging from the chandlier.. it came together so beautifully!!

Baby Shower Game Ideas

There are many ways to include your guests and keep the vibes fun & the energy high. Finding easy and quick games that your guests can participate in for a chance to win a prize is always a good choice. We decided to have Stanley cups, staying on the color scheme of course, and Kuppa Joy Coffee gift cards as our prizes! Because who doesn’t love a good coffee and a nice tumbler. Some games to inspire you that we chose can be a pacifier hunt (hiding plastic pacifiers throughout your venue), a diaper raffle, or even price is right! These are just a few out of many games that you can consider for your next baby shower, or help give you some inspo for your next event!

Doing Something Memorable

Being apart of sweet memories like this, always leave me excited and proud of the work I do. Having the trust and the opportunities that my clients give me to be able to turn their event dreams into a reality is an unforgettable feeling. I am so grateful for everyone who had a hand in bringing this shower into reality and to Kayla and Cameron trusting in me with their ideas. Congrats to Kayla and Cameron.

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