I could go on and on about this citrus garden inspired graduation party. So much time and thought went into this, making sure that it was everything Arden wanted/ dreamed of. From the table scape, the custom bar set up, to the fresh made crepes, everything came together so perfectly. So let’s get into all the details and elements that made this party unforgettable.

Investing the time with Arden and Danielle to make sure the event represented Arden’s style was the most important thing for me. I love taking my clients dreams and turning them into reality, so getting to know my client is crucial to make sure this happens. It’s one of the best feelings knowing that my clients are happy with the final outcome.

The Bar

Everything about this bar was just breathtaking! My vision for this came together so ideally, I could go on and on about it. The signature cocktail sign just spoke for itself with hand drawn elements of each signature drink. Not to mention the “AP” monogram on the wall. We displayed Chandon garden spritz and the beautifully ribbed glassware on the back bar shelves, and even brought in a free standing chandelier for some height. Each drink came with a custom pick & edible flower to make sure every drink felt like a piece of art. All the details were perfectly unique in their own way.

One of my favorite things about my job is being able to bring the visions of my clients, come to life. Being able to create memories and moments that will last forever, not only for myself but my clients is such a remarkable feeling.


Everyone loves a good sweet treat and a custom crepe cart was such a fun way to incorporate that. Not to mention the custom vinyl wraps, but the taste of these crepes were so flavorful. I am such a fan of desert tables, especially ones designed like this! Our custom backdrops, along with Ivory Rose Creative and Wallflower balloons added the perfect touch to the theme of this grad party.

There are so many different ways to add special details to your event such as a desert table and crepe cart. The custom vinyl added such beauty to the cart, and we of course had to add some oranges to the basket! The little details matter and incorporating the smaller elements such as color scheme, can change the look of everything!


It’s the small things that make a big difference. It’s those tiny touches that really make things pop, like all the citrus throughout the table scape or the pops of orange and pink throughout the bar and lounge area. Adding those delicate elements shows how much you care about the impression you are leaving on your guests.

With such big king tables, it was important to not leave the table scape looking empty. Which is why we chose large floral arrangements & citrus. My clients are citrus farmers, so it not only brought a fun pop of color, but a personal element to the party. Floral and greenery heavy was a big factor that Arden was hoping for and that is exactly what we gave her. From the florals all throughout the party to the edible flowers in the drinks, the little details are what weave the tapestry of the experience and fullness.

Everlasting Memories

I wouldn’t change what I do for the world for so many different reasons. But the most important is the memories I get to create and art I get to craft. I am so beyond grateful I have the trust that my clients give me to create for them. I am filled with gratitude to have a job where I genuinely enjoy what I do, not to mention being able to create relationships with such amazing people. Thanks so much to the Parnagian family for trusting me with this special day, and congrats to Arden!

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