S’Mores make any get together that much better. The ingredients are easy, it’s fun to make, and the perfect treat for backyard entertaining (or camping)!

I just love turning anything I do into a “charcuterie board” type display. Something about strategically piling my favorite goodies on one big board is just sooo satisfying, and is always a hit at our get togethers.


What to include on your S’Mores Dessert Board

You can really get creative here! Of course graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate are A MUST, but there are loads of other options to add in to make your board extra sweet & festive. We love peanut butter in this house, so PB cups were a hit. Personally, I love caramel, and the Ghiradelli caramel squares are my favorite. I made sure to throw in some candy cane Hershey kisses to give it that holiday cheer. Some other fun options you can add in are:

  • Ghirardelli milk chocolate sea salt and almond squares (SO GOOD)
  • Oreos (pop it open and add your marshmallow inside)
  • Nutella ( spread it on your graham cracker with or in replace of the chocolate bar)
  • Cookies n Cream bar
  • Coconut flakes
  • Fresh berries (strawberries, chocolate & marshmallows? yes please!)

Extra Tips for your board:

-use variety of milk & dark chocolate

-different flavored marshmallows ( like these from Smash Mallow)

No fire? No problem! Sub your marshmallows out for marshmallow fluff

-keep your board at a safe distance from the fire (no early melting of the chocolates, please!)


That’s it!

You can make this however you want and let your creativity run! Pair with some hot cocoa and enjoy <3

I’d love to see how you make your S’Mores board so don’t forget to tag me @easyylivin on Instagram/Pinterest!

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